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First things first, our team suggests going minimalist.

Fight the urge to throw your entire sales brochure up onto your home page.

Your consumer doesn’t need all that.

Draw people in on your homepage and landing pages using strong, distinct brand design and
concise, personality-packed content that demonstrates real value instantly.

Success Test: Your first 5 seconds on the site should be enough to tell your consumer if you
can solve their problems and if it’s a right personality match for them.

Define Your Journeys

Identify and craft your key consumer segments and website funnels.

1. Who are your key consumer segments and what segment goals should be set for them?
(Think: new, returning, wholesale, retail…)

2. What path do you want consumers within each segment to take on the site to reach the
conversion goals you set?

3. Boil it down to a few steps in a few categories:
Value proposition-> product offering -> product selection -> upsell -> checkout & data

Craft and Optimize

Now, does your website flow match up with that ideal funnel you defined? If not…optimize!

1. The more focused the funnel the more effective.
Reduce extraneous steps or CTAs that divert, confuse, or just become more mental
work than it’s worth for the consumer.

2. Use tools like Google Analytics or heatmaps that offer insights into existing website

3. Assign performance metrics to each step. Use those benchmarks to constantly make
adjustments that move the conversion needle.

Clear separation of funnels and steps will allow you to see where in the funnel your consumers
tend to fall off, and which steps are most critical to a successful conversion journey in order to
prioritize your site optimizations.

Achieve & Unleash Your Conversion Potential

It’s all about being clear, specific, and concise about your business goals, branding, and
consumer journeys. Then, getting that strategy through clearly and concisely. Let your data lead
you to strong prioritization and measured optimization.

Creating a strong brand starts with clarity- your own. If you’re not sure who your brand is or how
to develop a clean, engaging strategy, agencies like FLiFLA Services help businesses see real,
sustainable growth. Our experts help you make sense of your brand, create strong,
differentiated positioning and develop strong marketing plans that empower you to achieve your
goals, simply.

Successful Simplicity = Clarity & Confidence


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