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FLiFLA wants you to stay on trend this New year and long after! Our team put together a few tactics that you can consider when executing on your marketing strategy this New year.


Firstly, let’s start off with some motivating news that reported that U.S. consumer sales of CBD (cannabidiol) grew to over $4.1 billion (USD), it’s expected that in 2021 CBD consumer sales will continue growing. So, if your business has been struggling through the pandemic, we suggest for you to keep your head up, and take some wise steps in your marketing executions.


We believe in order to sell any product online, you must understand who you want to buy your products, and how they can successfully do so. You need to set a structure to target your demographic with or without marketing to them in mind. In order to successfully make sales and keep growing, you’ll need to understand which marketing paths are right for your company in the current moment, and when to adapt new methods. Adaptability is one lesson that we all learned over the COVID19 pandemic of 2020, and it must be a consistent thought for your sales plan.

#1 – SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way to market your website and products and we believe this solution is essential to driving your target buyer to your website and completing their purchase.

If you look at it in our perspective, we already mentioned above that potential consumer spend is only going to grow in 2021, and your potential customer is currently online and searching for information on pain relief, CBD oil and other hemp products. If you utilize SEO and ongoing management then you’re keeping the opportunity to be the informative solution and place for that buyer to complete their purchase, and gain more knowledge on their journey. That provides your company revenue growth and credibility for the customers next purchase.

So, if your potential customers are regularly searching information before they purchase, you don’t just want your site to appear in the search stream, you want your website to be the one that is the FIRST to appear on their journey, and that’s exactly what ongoing SEO management can provide. 

For example: If you want your website content to appear on PAGE 1 of Google Search, then you’ll need to adapt a keyword strategy on terms like the list below.

  • cbd oil benefits

  • how cbd oil helps

  • why use cbd oil

  • why take cbd oil

  • should i take cbd oil for anxiety

  • cbd oil for pain relief

  • cbd oil side effects

  • cbd oil near me

  • online store cbd


If you’re engaging in a content marketing strategy you’ll also want to implement SEO internally on your website in order to provide better efficiency to the content you expose. That means, if you make content posts and a potential buyer ends up searching for your post again later, you’ll need your content or website to rank on page 1 of the search provider in order to complete their sale with you.


If you’re concerned about your website’s SEO, we offer a FREE complete SEO audit before developing your strategy and executing on the plan.

An SEO audit will analyze your website and offer recommendations on what our team can execute on to improve your search engine rankings and increase organic traffic to buy from your website. SEO also helps improve your online branding and credibility and is an easier way to drive traffic without strict compliance and regulations.


#2 Lead Magnet Campaigns

There are many ways to run marketing campaigns in hopes to develop sales on your website, but sometimes it’s wise to know when to think out of the box and take a few different steps in order to hit your goal. In certain times, we suggest to our clients to implement a different method in their business marketing strategy.  In a nutshell, A lead magnet provides value to the consumer, and to you, even before you make the sale. A lead magnet campaign usually offers customers a promotion, educational tool, or incentive in exchange for the consumers data like an email address and/or phone number. The data you accumulate provides you the options to nurture this potential customer into an ongoing paid customer.

Lead magnets will help you accumulate email subscribers who know about your product or company. Utilizing this method can help turn around your business, especially if you’ve been struggling to make sales during the pandemic. We discuss how to convert your accumulated consumer data into sales via email marketing later on.


Here are a couple great headings for a lead magnet campaign:

 “10 ways to live without Anxiety”

“Learn how to overcome your Pain this new year”


Your goal is to attract consumers with a valuable resource that is provided at no charge.

The strategy is to create information that will be useful enough to impact or even motivate the reader to purchase from your shop and develop your brand into a reputable source for them to share with their friends and family. Once you create your content, you need to promote your lead magnet campaign to a relevant audience on a source such as social media or via paid advertising.


For example, you’ll want to launch your lead magnet campaign on Facebook or Instagram, or you could even place this lead generating ad on Facebook Messenger.

These types of tools will expose your ads providing your incentive and capture the leads from the social media source and accumulate the data into your list. We always suggest making sure your lead magnet is relevant, informative, and valuable to the user in order for them to engage in it.

Google search is another place you could use to promote your lead magnet, you’d look to drive relevant users from your Google PPC search ad to an optimized landing page on your website where they can download the lead magnet while providing you with their data.

If you feel you need help to accumulate your potential buyers list, Our team can provide you with many different strategies on how to take the right steps, plus we provide a full management option which includes lead magnet campaigns to accumulate the data and then email marketing to the data in order to convert the data and develop your sales revenue. Utilizing lead magnets help to develop your brand credibility and awareness about your products. 

#3 Email Marketing

Last but not least will quickly discuss email marketing. Email marketing may not be your first thought when you think about your company’s path to success, but email marketing can actually make up a major portion of your sales each month.

If you develop the correct strategy, email marketing can be one of the best ways for you to market your CBD or hemp products and accessories or even services.

Aside from social media like facebook and Instagram, a consumer’s email inbox is still a place that they’ll visit consistently on a mobile phone.


Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to directly reach your consumers, with little investment. 

Let’s start by referring to this report, which shows us that over 3.9 Billion people in the world that have emails, and we can only guess how many of them use their mobile phones.


So what are some ideas for email campaigns? We suggest implementing educational focused email newsletters, blog content, product reviews, and promotions to drive curious consumers to your website. 

Believe it or not, Nielsen reported that 28% of US online shoppers subscribe to store or product emails in order to stay informed and consumers often enjoy receiving email marketing campaigns from their favorite brands. Which means that if you take our tips and execute appropriately, you should generate consumer data from lead magnet campaigns, and then provide effective information that will drive that customer to purchase from the email they receive. 

Piece by Piece, your puzzle will start to form.


In this article you can find confidence boosting information to launch your first email campaign such as:

  • 59% of respondents said they would sign up for regular email updates when a reward is offered

  • For every 1$ spent on relevant email campaigns, you can expect a 42$ return on spend

  • 50% of moms on Facebook said they’d be willing to share a brand they purchase from on Facebook.


We always emphasize that email marketing is essential to stay in touch with your consumers and keep them informed about what you are offering. It also gives you the opportunity to easily reach your targeted audience on any type of device and keeps your brand relevant.


How the FLiFLA Team can help YOUR brand

We believe the hemp industry is no longer new but is always thriving. Our team are available around the clock to develop and maintain modern, up to date, and compliant strategies that help our clients grow their company, customers, and community. FLiFLA takes pride in developing your company’s branding, marketing, and sales departments into a thriving ecosystem that shows results! 


Feel free to contact us anytime to see how our personalized strategy can help you.


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