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2021 is your year. The hemp industry is more dynamic and booming than ever before, and you are ready to make your mark on the cannabis world. Where some may see challenges in the dynamic era we’re living through, we see opportunity. 

Imagine your brand’s evolution over the coming months; your affiliate community and social media presence expands, your website attracts more and more converting visitors, your ads are getting approved and are being exposed across the web. Not to mention, you have a team of dedicated, experienced professionals generating multiple revenue streams and managing your customers needs. 

We’re FLiFLA Services. We empower the same kind of growth for any business, so, we put together a team who knows how to bring visions to life. 

Our multi-channel ecosystem and in depth brand management solutions are what sets our team apart from just providing traditional marketing services. Our pride comes from developing and executing strategic growth plans that allow us to truly maximize your marketing investments and evolve your company the way you envision it. 

Our team of brand strategists, SEO content writers, PPC analysts, sales dynamos, and support assistants drive that 360° Marketing and Call Center ecosystem. Our experience includes years of marketing and call center management in the cannabis, e-vapor, tobacco markets, and more.   

In other words, we know what works and what doesn’t work. We keep learning on a daily basis as the industry evolves and keep our clients informed and empowered too. 

Our clients are family, and we’re in it for the long term…to build and grow together.  Contact us for a consultation to propel your CBD brand to the next level. 


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